Re: How unset a TreeView's model ?

-> Claudio Polegato Junior:
    thank for your answer, it's work.

-> Murray Cumming
    great, but i'm use gtkmm 2.6.2-win32, downloading here :
    and the version 2.8.1 is not ready for moment. :(
    I try to compile the last version of gtkmm with cygwin but without success.

just a last question : When i use the Claudio's method to unset the model in a Gilb::Thread it doesn't work ?

>>>>    If the tree_view already has a model set, it will remove it before
>>>> setting the new model. If model is 0, then it will unset the old
>>>> model.
>> I added unset_model() a while ago in HEAD, so it will be in gtkmm 2.10:
>Actually, maybe it's in 2.8 already.
>Murray Cumming
>murrayc murrayc com
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