Displaying packed widgets

I have a class that derives from Gtk::VBox, called jme::Contacts; jme::Contacts is in turn used by the jme::MainWin class as one of its attributes, named 'contact'. However, when the object 'contact' is passed to a Gtk::Notebook as one of its tabs:

notebook->append_page(*contacts, "Contacts");

none of the characteristics of the object 'contacts'(Frame and title of the frame) are displayed.

Below is a quick snip of the class in question.
#include <gtkmm/box.h>
#include <gtkmm/frame.h>

namespace jme{

class Contacts : virtual public Gtk::VBox{
  void HBox1();
  void NameFrame();

  Gtk::HBox*  hbox1;
  Gtk::Frame* frmName;
      virtual ~Contacts();
}; //class
} // namespace

     hbox1   = new Gtk::HBox();
     frmName = new Gtk::Frame("Name");
  catch ( std::bad_alloc & x ) {std::cout << x.what() << std::endl;   }

  this->NameFrame(); //Add more attributes to the frame
this->HBox1(); // Add objects to this->hbox1
void jme::Contacts::NameFrame(){

void jme::Contacts::HBox1(){

  hbox1->pack_start(*frmName, Gtk::PACK_EXPAND_WIDGET);

Having stated that, after compiling and linking the application using the MinGW-GCC-c++, I get the following message which reads:

Info: resolving Gtk::Stock::APPLY by linking to __imp___ZN3Gtk5Stock5APPLYE (auto-import) Info: resolving Gtk::Stock::CLOSE by linking to __imp___ZN3Gtk5Stock5CLOSEE (auto-import) Info: resolving Gtk::Stock::HELP by linking to __imp___ZN3Gtk5Stock4HELPE (auto-import)

Now, I know that ther only part of the program that can cause any of these messages is:
---- snip ---
   this->btnApply = new Gtk::Button(Gtk::Stock::APPLY);
   this->btnQuit  = new Gtk::Button(Gtk::Stock::CLOSE);
   this->btnHelp  = new Gtk::Button(Gtk::Stock::HELP);
   this->notebook = new Gtk::Notebook();

but why would this be causing this err-message?

Please note that I am using WinXP as the developing platform
Thanks for your help folks! you have been very helpful in my GTKmm learning process.
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