Re: Gideon: the gui designer

D. Eimers wrote:

It is great to have an alternative for Glade designer, but..
I believe that programming language independent and cross-platform
descriptions/declerations of GUIs using some XML-dialect (Glade-XML,
XUL, or spare me, even XAML) are the future. Such descriptions can be
loaded at runtime by some toolkit specific loader and hereby have the
advantage of being independant of the underlying GUI-toolkit
(GTKmm/libglademm, GTK/libglade, QT/? or whatever) and hence are more
likely to be reused.</truism> That said, there are a few XML-dialects
trying to become the 'de facto' standard of which Glade-XML is our
favorite, of course! So why not support Glade-XML as adding yet another
format is not going to help the Glade-XML case? _______________________________________________
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Hmm...   where do they sell the Glade-XML koolaide anyways?


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