Re: Gnome, Gtkmm and sockets

On Tuesday 17 May 2005 21:18, Fabio Rafael da Rosa wrote:

> I posted a new message before reading your reply.
> Tks for help.
> Don't know if you develop gnome applications, but if yes,
> what's mostly used in gnome-apps?
> I ask this because my main purpouse in this application is to
> learn the main libs being used in gnome to do some gnome hack
> by myself.
> I asked about porting gnet to glibmm (I think there's no
> binding for C++ in gnet), but don't know if it is heavly used in
> gnome applications...

gnet is not a gnome dependency (if you mean the mainline gnome libraries and 
applications) so I guess that none of them use gnet.

Pan uses gnet, but I am not aware of what other applications also using the 
GTK+ or gnome libraries use it.

If your purpose is to learn socket programming then I should have thought 
learning the native API would be the best way of doing that.  There are a 
number of tutorials available on the web.  Once you have done that, if you 
are then looking for something more C++ orientated you may want to consider 
wvstreams ( ) or GNU Common C++ 
( ).  However, due to its ubiquity I 
suspect that most projects using sockets and programmed in C or C++ just use 
the native API.  Frankly, there is not too much involved in programming 
sockets as such.  It's what you do with data you extract from them (or 
generating the data you send to them) which is the tricky bit!


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