Re: Using libglademm with custom widgets

Hi again

Thanks for the help, I got it working


On Fri, 14 Jan 2005 13:32:51 +0200
 "Damon Oberholster" <damon websurfer co za> wrote:
> Hi again
> I ran into a bit of trouble though. 
> What exactly is DrawingArea supposed to do? I was
> expecting
> to be able to say something like:
> myDrawingArea->draw_arc(....); but when I looked at the
> reference for it, there don't seem to be any drawing
> related functions. 
> > Yes, or you could derive from Gtk::Widget instead of
> > Gtk::DrawingArea.
> I'm still not sure I understand all this properly. I
> originally derived from drawingArea because I can easily
> add a DrawingArea widget to a window using glade. If I
> derive from the Gtk:Widget class, what would I put into
> the
> window when using the glade interface? Can I add any
> widget
> (like say...a vbox) and just treat it as a general
> widget?
> Hope I'm making some sense, because I'm quite confused.
> Thanks
> Damon
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