Tricks of the trade

I suspect this question labels me as a total newbie but...

I have a libglademm, GTKmm based program that uses Pango and Fontconfig.
Earlier versions of the program have worked fine except for coming
across Pango issues which the current incarnation is trying to
circumvent.  The program compiles and links fine then on executing it
issues the error:

(process:16588): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: gtype.c:2254: initialization assertion failed, use IA__g_type_init() prior to this function

but nonetheless displays the windows as expected.  Indeed all the
behaviour of the main window itself is fine.  Of course there is an
action that uses the state that has not been initialized that when
activated makes things go totally crazy but that is only to be expected
given the incorrect initialization that has happened.

The question is:  How do you backtrack from the fact that there is a GTK
initialization problem to the feature of the perfectly legal C++ code
that is not correct.   I am hoping that the answer does not involve
divination and rat entrails but instead there is a more rational way of
finding the problem.

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