Re: Making it easier to change a font.

I greped for modify_font in both gtk and gtkmm.  It appears to have been
written with only the library end user in mind, and doesn't appear to
be used at all internally. Initially I didn't exclude the possiblity that
rc styles would employ the modify_*() functions in some form or another,
or that the grep would yield 200 matches ...

ok thanks for checking that

But i think there is another problem here, i don't think it will work on a stock button because that uses a HBox internally to pack the icon and the label. (not that i think that many people will want to change a stock button) I don't know this for a fact but i'm assuming that this internal HBox doesn't derive from Gtk::Container but from its C counterpart GtkContainer so for this to work i think it should be changed in gtk+.

Does anybody know if this has ever been discussed in gtk+ ?

Marco Scholten

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