Re: window size and hpaned


I'm trying to keep HPaned limitator position relative to main window
So, I've connected the `signal_check_resize()` to main window with
the function that is called every time when main window resizing,
calculating `x` window size and setting HPaned limitator position.

But the `signal_check_resize()` is also emitted every time the HPaned
limitator is moved, and there is a dead-loop.

Is there a signal that will be emitted only when window changing its
size ?

Please help.

Igor Jovanovic <igorj pixelthorn com>
PixelThorn Studios

If you pack the child widgets with


Then both widgets will automagically increase/decrease in size relative to the Hpaned size. Downside to this is that when size gets to small then the widget may only be partially visible, i don't know if that is acceptable in your case.

hope this helps,

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