Re: cairo c++ bindings

> hey, in case you are interested in cairo bindings, i'm currently working
> on
> some.
> here's a preview

Excellent. I encourage everyone to take a look and think about how the
bindings should look. I don't have time now, but it's something that we
should really have ready for gtkmm 2.10 (probably in 6-month's time). Note
that they probably shouldn't be part of gtkmm itself.

Some very quick thoughts after a quick look:
- It's desirable to hide the C headers from the C++ headers. Among other
things, that means:
  - using numbers instead of enum values for the C++ enum values, as in
  - not deriving from the C struct unless it's really necessary.
  - forward-declaring C struct types and using them as little as possible
in headers. #include the definition in the .cc file.
- Non-copyable classes should have a private, undefined, copy constructor.
- The operator * and operator = overrides are a little odd. I'd prefer
explicit conversion, and that's the style used by gtkmm.

Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

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