I'm trying to add an event filter function to intercept raw X messages (listening to messages on the root window).

I have the following code at this point:


GdkFilterReturn filter_func(GdkXEvent *xevent,
			    GdkEvent *event,
			    gpointer data)

  gpointer data = (gpointer*) new char [1024];

  get_window()->add_filter(filter_func, data);


where main_window inherits from Gtk::Window
but there occurs a segmentation fault (this is on GNU/Linux) at the call to "add_filter". I don't understand why it segfaults at this call (I could understand if it cores when the callback is called, but according to gdb it happens at (or in) the "add_filter" call).
Maybe I'm doing something obviously wrong, but I don't see it.
What is there supposed to be where "data" points at, is it arbitrary data?


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