Re: Need a comprehensive C++ library

Primarily, IMHO, you should be using gtkmm for this.
gtkmm is the C++ interface to GTK+, which is in C.
This isn't to say that gtkmm is superior to GTK+, but
rather since your application was written in Qt, it
would be much easier IMHO to port it to a GTK+ based
toolkit in C++.

Benjamin Lau

gtkmm list: gtkmm-list gnome org

FYI, for all of you gtkmm developers/users who didn't
know what was going on, here's the original post:

Hello list:

I have been developing for 2 years with Qt. I have
developed a GPL 
Now, I want to abandon my Qt develpment and port it to
GTK-- and STL.

I will replace all the Qt container classes with the
STL ones.
My program doesn't use a lot of windows, so this is
not an important 

But there are a few issues that concern me, and I need
your advice:

a) What is the basic String type in GTK--? Does it
support unicode? Can 
I use 
the STL string?

b) Are there Date, Time and DateTime classes?

c) Is there a nicely packed c++ library with all the
elements that I 
used to 
have with Qt, like XML, SQL, etc?
	c.1) If not, what library can I use for SQL? It
should be really 
light-weight, just a wrapper for the MySQL and
PostGreSQL servers.
	c.2) For XML, I only need a SAX parser.

d) Is there a library for scripting like QSA? I don't
need the 
mechanism of Qt, just a light-weight expressions
evaluator. I have even 
started to build my own one with lex and yacc.

I don't think these are big issues, I just need a bit
of advise to 
quickly with the best options.

Thanks in advance.

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