RE: Toolbuttons sometimes not appear normally

I think I speak for the entire list when I say "we heard you the first

I have no idea if your mail client is up the spout or if you are just being
a goon, but either way, sort it out.

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> Subject: Toolbuttons sometimes not appear normally
> Hello
> I'm trying to develop an application with a toolbar and a 
> notebook. The
> toolbar is a fonctionnality toolbar and should change 
> according to the tab
> of the notebook page selected. I've put an event on each tabs and
> hide()/show() toolbuttons of my toolbar when needed...
> That's seems operate normally but, in several case, the 
> last(s) button(s)
> of my toolbar appears without label and is not clickable 
> (like an empty
> space).And, when I click a second time on the tab or on an 
> other (visible)
> toolbutton , the toolbuttons appears normally...
> When I use the function is_visible() on this buttons, the response is
> true.
> I've trying such things (like show_now(), 
> hide_all()/show_all() before...)
> but the problem stay.
> I use gtkmm 2.4. Is the problem a bug of gtkmm ? 
> If somebody have an idea...
> Thanks 
> I can give source or screenshot if needed
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