Re: Warnings with VC71

Emre Turkay wrote:

>    When I compile a program using gtkmm 2.6 on Windows with VC++ 7.1 I
>    get tens of warnings of the same kind like;
>    warning C4250: 'Gtk::Widget': inherits
>    'Gtk::Object::Gtk::Object::destroy_notify_' via dominance.
>    It is annoying to see so many warnings but I think it is safe to ignore
>    those, am I right?

Yes, you can disable warning 4250 (it is done in the libglademm MSVC

>    And where does the second Gtk::Object come from in
>    'Gtk::Object::Gtk::Object' does anyone have a clue?

Probably from the MSVC name mangling in the virtual and/or multiple
inheritance tree.


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