Re: new_from_stock


You really don't need that function if you declare your Gtk::Image as a pointer, because you can just use:

Gtk::Image *img = new Gtk::Image(Gtk::StockID("gtk-stop"), Gtk::IconSize(1));

To create a stop image for example. You can use the Gtk::StockID for any type of image or Gtk::STOCK::STOP for menu items. I know this doesn't really answer your question, but it will atleast give you a way to do what you are trying to do... - Andrew

Emre Turkay wrote:

Hi Folks,

  In the gtkmm documentation for Gtk::Image (and therefore in some .h
  files distributed with gtkmm) the method Gtk::Image::new_from_stock()
  is referred, however I couldn't find where it is defined (i.e., I
  'grep'ed the /usr/include/gtkmm-2.0 directory and couldn't find it.)

  What may be wrong?


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