Re: Feature request: Number of matches in Gtk::EntryCompletion

I think this should be directed at the gtk mailing list as gtkmm is
just a wrapper for that and isn't supposed to extend gtk


On 4/20/05, Matthias Kaeppler <nospam digitalraid com> wrote:
> You should really be able to figure out how many matches were found.
> This whole EntryCompletion class is a very nice thing, but its public
> API is very minimalistic, you have absolutely no means to get
> information about the possible completions.
> Something like get_n_matches() should really be part of its interface.
> It would return the size of the internal container holding the possible
> completions.
> It's useful, and trivial to implement.
> What do you think?
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> Matthias Kaeppler
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