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I'm using ccache... If you type make and compile all, this compileds files will be the cache. Then if you type make clean and make all, you lost just the time to verify if the preconpiled source's object is in the cache and get again. If the precompiled source is diferent from the cache, the precompiled source will be compiled again and the time is the same that you get now. This long time is the time need by g++ to verify all the precompiled source and, at now, don't have a option to work with a precompiled headers.

Roel Vanhout escreveu:

I've never used it but I've heard good things about it: I don't know how much difference it will make, please report back to the list if you try; I'd be interested to know.

Leif wrote:

I am developing a program using gtkmm and libglademm and (sigc++).
My problem is that it compiles dam much slower than my other programs
that don't use gtkmm/libglademm. Recompiling a smaller .cpp file takes
~10 seconds (without linking, 12 with linking). A .cpp file of
comparable size, from a project that don't use gtkmm/libglade takes 2
seconds for compiling and linking.
I tried to replace all ocurences of #include <gtkmm/gtkmm.h> with
include statements for only the needed files. But no notable difference.
Is there anything I can do to speed the compilation up, other than
buying a new computer or switching to another library?



Claudio Polegato Junior

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