Change request


Could someone wrap this GTK+ function, please?

* gtk_list_store_insert_with_valuesv:
* @list_store: A #GtkListStore
* @iter: An unset #GtkTreeIter to set to the new row
* @position: position to insert the new row
* @columns: an array of column numbers
* @values: an array of GValues
* @n_values: the length of the @columns and @values arrays
* A variant of gtk_list_Store_insert_with_values() which
* takes the columns and values as two arrays, instead of
* varargs. This function is mainly intended for
* language-bindings.
* Since: 2.6
gtk_list_store_insert_with_valuesv (GtkListStore *list_store,
                                   GtkTreeIter  *iter,
                                   gint          position,
                                   gint         *columns,
                                   GValue       *values,
                                   gint          n_values)

I wonder why it hasn't wrapped when Bugzilla Issue has fixed. Sad, I was too busy to check it earlier (before API freeze). Is it possible to submit a patch that will be included in next 2.6.x release?


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