Re: Obtaining a TreeModel::Row from a TreePath

Chris Vine wrote:
On Saturday 09 April 2005 16:11, Matthias Kaeppler wrote:


I want to build list of data objects associated with a row in a tree
view, based on the current selection.
I know I can get the selected rows by calling
TreeSelection::get_selected_rows(), but despite its name, this method
returns a list of TreePathS, and not a list of TreeModel::Rows.

So how can I obtain the rows from the path objects?

To convert a path to an iterator, use Gtk::TreeModel::get_iter(const Gtk::Treemodel::Path&), and then derefence the iterator (a row is just a dereferenced iterator).

However, you probably want to convert all the paths to rows with a suitable functor using Gtk::TreeSelection::selected_for_each_path(). (As an example you can see:



Thanks Chris, that's what I need.

Matthias Kaeppler

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