Re: need some design advice

Rob Benton wrote:

> Here's my situation.  I have a Gtk::Table holding a number of
> Gtk::EventBox's defined at runtime.  I want to catch a
> click/button_press event on each of the eventboxes.  Inside this handler
> I also want to be able to check the status of the surrounding
> eventboxes.  But I can't send a call back to the table b/c that makes a
> circular dependency between the 2 classes.
> The only half-sane solution I could come up with is to give each
> eventbox class 4 member variables which are pointers to the 4 eventboxes
> around it.  But I'm thinking there's a better way to do this.  Help me
> out here.

I don't know exactly what you want to to, but if these four event boxes
are classes of a type you use just inside this table, i would consider
using a static stl-container (whatever seems suitable) class variable
where every instace registers during construction and unregisters on
destruction ...
But this is really just a guess, as i don't know what you want to do in

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