Re: [gtkmm] gtkmm and MSVC 2003

Robin Neatherway wrote:

I'm using the prebuilt packages from here: <> which currently use
version 2.0.3 from the pkg-config output. The program compiles
perfectly using gcc within Msys, but fails in MSVC. Both environments
compile bare gtk+ apps perfectly.

Assuming you get it to compile, you won't be able to link your MSVC application with a library built using MinGW, because the C++ ABI for the two compilers are different. GTK+ apps build fine because there you're using just the C ABI, which is compatible.

I also tried to build the latest 2.0.5 version of libsigc++2 from <>, but that didnt go too well either. When I loaded the
.vcproj file into MSVC and tried to build, there were a load of files
missing. I found them with .m4 extensions in macros directories, but
I'm unfamiliar with m4 and running them through a simple "m4 slot.h.m4
 > slot.h" and then placing that file in the correct location caused a
load more errors to do with sigc not being in the global namespace. I
tried running, ac.local, and many other commands to set it
up properly under cygwin but I couldn't seem to do it.

Most of the libsigc++ source is generated automatically from the m4 files. If you have a bash environment via cygwin or msys, you should be able to run the script, then "make", which will generate the source. From there you can open the MSVC solution file and build.


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