Re: [gtkmm] Gdk::Window problem

Murray Cumming wrote:

Murray Cumming wrote:

I found the problem, why Gdk::Window in GTKMM-2.4 is not compatible now
with GdkWindow in GTK+-2.4.

What do you mean? Exactly what problem are you encountering?


GTKMM declaring paint_layout fucntion that take
Glib::RefPtr<Gdk::Window> as parameter, but we cannot cast Gdk::Drawable
to Gdk::Window, because Gdk::Drawable is base of Gdk::Window (see
Glib::RefPtr casting rules).

This is the only part of your email that looks like a problem that you
have encountered. Why can't you cast Glib::RefPtr<Gdk::Drawable> to
Glib::RefPtr<Gdk::Window> by using RefPtr::cast_dynamic, like so:

Glib::RefPtr<Gdk::Drawable refDrawable;
Glib::RefPtr<Gdk::Window> refWindow =

You know, I would to apologize. I've tried that already, but had some compilation error, that forced me to decide that I can't cast Drawable to Window. Now I tried it again and everithing was working well.

Also, If you look at GTK+ code, you will find that almost all functions
are taking GdkWindow (equal to GdkDrawable) as argument. And that may
cause potential problems for developers in GTKMM.

If a GTK+ function has a GdkWindow* parameter that can actually be some
other GdkDrawable* (not a GdkWindow*), then that would be a GTK+ bug.
Please CC me on any such bugzilla bugs.

There is no bugs in GTK+.

GTK+, in gtkstyle.h you see:

void gtk_paint_layout     (GtkStyle        *style,
GdkWindow *window, // = GdkDrawable*, because of "typedef GdkDrawable GdkWindow"
                          GtkStateType     state_type,
                          gboolean         use_text,
                          GdkRectangle    *area,
                          GtkWidget       *widget,
                          const gchar     *detail,
                          gint             x,
                          gint             y,
                          PangoLayout     *layout);

GTKMM, in style.h you see:

 void paint_layout(
const Glib::RefPtr<Gdk::Window>& window, // -> wrap of GdkWindowObject, but should be GdkDrawable (see above declaration)
                 Gtk::StateType                      state_type,
                 bool                                use_text,
                 const Gdk::Rectangle&               area,
                 Widget&                             widget,
                 const Glib::ustring&                detail,
                 int                                 x,
                 int                                 y,
                 const Glib::RefPtr<Pango::Layout>&  layout) const;

Actually, since cast_dynamic is working, that will be just some inconvenience when using those methods, not a bug.

Thanks for the help,

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