Re: [gtkmm] Visual Studio .Net


There are lots of explanations in the archives of the mailing list. Anyway a
short summary:

Get (don't install or build, yet) the latest sources of gtkmm-2.2 (I'm not sure
if gtkmm-2.4 works, because it depends on libsigc++-2.0, which causes some trouble
to MSVC).
Get (don't install or build, yet) the latest sources of libsigc++-1.2.
Get and install GTK+ 2.2 or higher (e.g. from
-- they have a nice installer)
Get (and unpack) the following patch
and follow the instructions in the README file. They worked pretty well for

Sorry for the short answer, but there really is enough information available
on this topic. Just look for it in the mailing list archives.

Best regards,


>I don't get to compile in VC++ 7 
>The templates are not recognized. 
>The mistake is: 
>error C2988:: unrecognizable template declaration/definition
>file refptr.h line 191
>What do I make?
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