Re: [gtkmm] Tooltips on Toolbuttons

On Saturday 02 October 2004 23:02, John Spray wrote:
> On Sat, 2004-10-02 at 21:28, Chris Vine wrote:
> > Can you try the unwrapped GTK+ objects and
> > see if you get the same result?
> Yes, same behaviour.  Test case attached.

I was thinking that this was an API bug because an object-orientated toolkit 
like GTK+ should not inherit from an object such as GtkWidget unless it is 
going to specialise its methods (gtk_tooltips_set_tip()) where necessary 
instead of inventing entirely news ones for objects inherited from 
GtkToolItem.  However, in GTK+ quasi-OO terms, gtk_tooltips_set_tip() is a 
GtkTooltip method, not a GtkWidget method, although it takes GtkWidget 
objects as an argument.  In either case however it is a dog's breakfast.  It 
is also a documentation bug, as behaviour such as this should be noted in the 
documentation for gtk_tooltips_set_tips() (ie that although it takes 
GtkWidget objects as an argument, it will in fact not work if they are 
derived from GtkToolItem).

Alternatively it is unintended behaviour then it is an implementation bug.

I suggest you file a bug for GTK+ at bugzilla and let the maintainer decided 
which category he should allocate it to.  


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