Misleading passage in Tutorial Chapter 8


I have found an erroneous or at least misleading passage in the gtkmm 
tutorial, chapter 8, the paragraph about TreeSelections:


<title>The selected rows</title>


For multiple-selection, you need to define a callback, and give it to 
selected_foreach(), like so:

    sigc::mem_fun(*this, &TheClass::selected_row_callback) );


void TheClass::selected_row_callback(const Gtk::TreeModel::iterator& iter)
  TreeModel::Row row = *iter;
  //Do something with the row.


The call to selected_foreach and the callback function don't match in this 
example. It has to be "selected_foreach_iter", otherwise the callback 
function would need to specify a second parameter (path).

Just wanted to point that out, since it was leading to some confusion and lots 
of compiler errors on my side :)

Have a great day and kudos for keeping this great project alive,
Matthias Käppler

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