Re: Focus problem for Win32 platform

Andrew E. Makeev wrote:


Is it known Windows issue that focus is missing the parent window when dialog is closing?

My program description:

1. Create toplevel window (main_win).
2. Create toplevel window (dialog)
   - dialog->set_transient_for( main_win );
   - main_win->set_sensitive( false );
we need those calls to emulate modal dialog for current main_win only, but whole application (other windows) is still responding on user events.
3. on dialog->hide()
   - main_win->set_sensitive( true );
- main_win->grab_focus(); // I added this string just before I wrote the mail, and it won't handle the problem with focus.


When closing a dialog on Win32 platforms focus is moving not on parent (previous = main_win) window, but random toplevel window from this application or any other, someone told me it looks like "extra" Alt+TAB (switch task) is generating on this moment.

Any comments?

Thanks in advance,

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I believe the issue you describe is the same as the one in this bug, which has been fixed in both HEAD and 2.4.x. I'm not sure if the latest built dlls from here include this patch.


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