Re: TreeView::append_column_numeric() format?

maybe it's an option to add iostream functions like precision(), width(), flags() etc. to Gtk::CellRenderer.
so we can do something like:


Marco Scholten.

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So I would like to add another templated convenience method like this:
Gtk::TreeView::append_column_numeric(TreeModelColumn& model,

But what's the best way to specify the display format for the number?
rather not use that nasty printf() style format. Does C++ have something
more suitable?

Boost has a "format" object (described here:

Using a formatter object is a good idea, but it seems to mostly use the
sprintf format anyway, with some extensions.

Also I would feel bad about reproducing so much code in gtkmm. And we
can't depend on boost because it's not a stable (API or ABI) library yet.

If we find no better alternative to the sprintf format then we could just
decide to live with
 TreeView::append_column_numeric(TreeModelColumn& column, const
Glib::ustring& format);
where format is something like "%.4f" for 4decimal places.

I'm not suggesting that this actual class should be used, but it's a
starting point for ideas. The Gtk::TreeView::append_column_numeric()
method could take an object that formats a number (perhaps with a number
simple/common ones supplied). I don't know how all this works underneath
though, does it need to translate to printf format for the Gtk+ interface,
or does all the formatting happen in the C++ wrapper?

Gtk+ has no equivalent for this. Their whole GtkTreeView API is much more
unpleasant. And they are probably happy to use C-style sprintf formatting
for this.

Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com
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