RE: TreeView::append_column_numeric() format?

Here is what the reference page says:

iostream manipulators with parameters
This include file defines a set of manipulators that can affect to both
input and output streams of the iostream hierarchy hierarchy of classes.
All these manipulators accept at least one parameter and mostly modify
formatting information.
In order to be able to use these manipulators you have to explicitly include
this file in your code.

And this pretty much says it all ...

smanip setw ( int n );


Return Value.
  This function should only be used as a stream manipulator.
****** NB

Shame, something along these lines would be just the job.


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> [...]
>Can you suggest an actual append_column_numeric() method signature?
Then maybe someone will write the appropriate formatting functions?
Sorry for poor suggestions...
    Igor Gorbounov

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