Re: [sigc] Re: [Boost-users] Signals & Slots

On Sunday 21 November 2004 06:54, Carl Nygard wrote:

> Like I said, I haven't actually compiled any examples;)  Thanks for the
> catch... document is updated.

A minor nit (and there may well be others): you are missing the declaration of 
the Func() function in global namespace that you refer to in your updated 
text on this.  (You have two Func()s in this part of your text: one as a 
class member and one in global namespace.)

I can see how boost got to where it is on signals (they started with boost 
function objects and an improved and generalised binder, and took it from 
there) but in my view the libsigc++ interface is considerably more intuitive 
to use.  It also does not seem to me to be sensible to introduce a boost 
dependency in gtkmm, with all that that entails, unless importing much more 
than just the signals.


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