Re: Parent <--> Child and header files

Dnia 20-11-2004, sob o godzinie 22:01 +0100, B.Hakvoort napisał(a):
> Hi :)
> Didn't read your post completely (man, you've no idea how lazy iam :P),
> but i figured you may need signals.
> Check here:
> and/or read the recent discussion on the mailinglist about signals etc..

Thanks I'll take look.

> PS. i think you suffer from circular inclusion. Think about it, if A
> includes B and B includes A, then A also includes A and A includes B and
> B includes A... (*sound of bart going back to his beer* :P )

I use 'include-guards'. I mean every header files has got a the
beginning like this:




Shouldn't this technique prevent from such circular inclusion?


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