Re: [Boost Signals & Slots] Vs [libsigc++]

> In boost 1.30, which is the most recent version I have used, the code in
> the
> boost directory (which contains the headers) as opposed to the libs
> directory
> (from which object code for the boost libraries is generated), is no less
> than 16M in size according to 'du', partly because the boost library is
> heavily templated and the templates are in header files.  If using
> boost::signals you would need to import libs/signals also, but that is
> much
> smaller (156K in boost 1.30).
> I did write a program to list dependencies in order to figure out how to
> split
> up the boost headers for particular boost libraries but I found that you
> quickly end up needing most of them.
> Give me monolithic.

Regardless of whether this is an accurate estimation, I am not personally
interested in the size of the headers or source code. Compiled sizes might
be interesting, but that's also not as interesting to me as the API.

Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

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