Re: Gdk::Color(ffffff) is allmost black

This question about gdk_parse_color() and the XParseColor format is more
likely to get a sensible answer on the gtk-list. I have CCed it.

> in the documentation at
> about
> Gdk::Color::Color(const Glib::ustring& value)  is written:
> 1.) "The text string can be in any of the forms accepted by XParseColor"
>            the documentation for XParseColor (for example
>             says that strings like
>                 rgb:/<red>/<green>/<blue>//
>                         <red>/, /<green>/, /<blue>/ := /h/ | /hh/ |
> /hhh/ | /hhhh/ /
>                             h/ := single hexadecimal digits (case
> insignificant)
>             are valid.
>             so my assumtion was that Color("rgb:ff/ff/ff") should be
> white .... but it's allmost black too.
>             the docu for XParseColor says also, that for backward
> compatibilty strings like
>                 #RGB                  (4 bits each)
>                 #RRGGBB          (8 bits each)
>                 ....
>             are valid too, and yes Color("#ffffff") is white as it should.
> 2.) "... or a hex specification such as 305050" well, Color("305050") is
> just the same dark stuff (yes, it should be dark), while
>        Color("#305050") looks a bit brighter; indeed, as you might guess
> Color("ffffff") just looks like Color("305050")
> i know that's just bagatelle, because i get all the colors i want with
> #...., and mostly a simple Color("white"),  Color("blue") is all i need,
> but if i didn't  misundersood something really badly there may be a bug
> in the documentation or eaven the library (i'm still using 2.4.5) ... [i
> hope i haven't ignored a section in the gtkmm book again :-)]
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