bool Gdk::Event::send_client_message(GdkNativeWindow winid) and others

Just a few question about the above function. Firstly, the documentation said that this function sends an X ClientMessage event to the window represented by winid, but since I am using the Win32 MinGW port of gtkmm, I am unsure whether this function would work.
Next, the documentation said to pass in a GdkNativeWindow winid. What is GdkNativeWindow? I can't seem to find it's documentation, and the closest being the one where it is typedefed to mean also NativeWindow in the Gdk namespace. Also, where can I obtain this winid?
Thirdly, the documentation also said that the target window must be on the default Gdk::Display. What does this mean? What does Gdk::Display represent?
Fourth, how do I specify the parameters of my event? Is this even possible? And how would the target application receive my event? Through the event loop? or do I have to set up a special connection?
Lastly, if anyone knows a more convenient way to do inter-process communication, and has a very much more convenient way of having  process locking as compared to libassa's own (as it seems that libassa's is geard towards networking, whilst I am writing a home user application), please let me know.
Thank You
Benjamin Lau
P/s If you want to get an idea of what I need, it is actually regarding my earlier post which involved MDI, IPC and Process Locking. Basically, I am writing a single-instance MDI application. I have used a notebook to feign the MDI interface, but am facing problems regarding IPC, so anyone's help on gtkmm-list would be greatly appreciated :D (THANKS)

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