Re: Gtk::TreeView: Custom cellrenderer for single cells

>>But it would probably be nicer to use a set_cell_data_func() callback to
>>do this:

>So I'd have to put as many of my renderers inside a single column
> as
> I want different drop down lists and fiddle around with the
> property_visible,
> right?

We were suggesting how you might have completely different cell renderers
for the same column in different rows. But if you just want the same cell
renderer to have different properties (such as a different list of items
in a combo) then just set that property, either by binding it to a model
column, or by using the set_cell_data_func() callback.

And do consider using gtkmm 2.5. It has a CellRendererCombo that is far
simpler than all the hacks that we have been using. And there is an
example. But you'll have to get it from cvs, or wait a week or so for a

Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

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