Re: MDI support and others


For MDI ideas, check out Bakery:

For IPC, there are plenty of libs around if Glib's own (Dispatcher,
IOChannel 'n' friends) is not what you are looking for.

For the process locking ideas, you might look into PidFileLock class:


On Fri, 2004-11-05 at 23:51, Benjamin Lau Wei Yii wrote:
> Does gtkmm 2.4.5 support MDI, and a way to force only one instance of
> the application to be running at any one time, and inter-application
> communication?
> Thanks
> Benjamin Lau
> P/s This is a repost because I suspected that a lot of people would
> have overlooked my mail because the subject sounded like a reply to
> what has already been posted before. My previous post was called "Re:
> MDI"
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