Re: Gtk::TreeView: Custom cellrenderer for single cells

> Well, there are several posibilities for doing this.
> For example, you can insert into a cell several cellrenderers and make
> them being enabled and visible

That's a clever idea.

> depending on boolean values in other hidden
> (service) columns.

But it would probably be nicer to use a set_cell_data_func() callback to
do this:

> Or you can catch an on_button_pressed event for a treeview and change
> cellerenderer settings in accordance with a level of a branch in that tree

That sounds horrible.

> -
> I fill the dropdown list of a Combo_Cellrenderer with diferent names or
> change the range and step settings of a SpinButton_Cellrenderer. That
> works
> for every cell individually.
>     Igor Gorbounov

Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

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