Re: question about Gtk::Layout and Gtk::ScrolledWindow


I faced similar problems with a label in a scrolled window.
The way I solved it was to remember the size of the enclosing
container when it changes and then when enclosing child tries to 
change its size, restrain it from growing too much.

Search for size_allocate_cb() and answer_box_size_allocate_cb()
in DeckPlayer.cpp:

hope this helps,

On Tue, 2004-11-02 at 09:49, Antonio Coralles wrote:
> when i add a Gtk::Layout to a Gtk::ScrolledWindow it just works like i 
> want, as long as the parrent window is smaller than the size of my 
> layout. but when it get's bigger, the layout is expanded in size, which 
> is particullary not what i want .... so i would like to know if there is 
> a way to prevent a layout inside a scrolled window from expanding after 
> the the area inside the scrolled window matches  a particular size.
> maybe someone can help me,
>                                                     antonio
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