Re: glade for windows utf support

I don't know about glade, but in pure gtkmm you should use Glib::locale_to_utf8(), even perhaps after you used OemToChar() first (from the Win32 API). If you don't know what UTF-8 is, I would recommend to read something about character sets, though, like


Daniel Mora wrote:

Hi all
I get the following error when I try to build a .glade project under
windows 2000. The output is set up as c++.

** (glade-2.exe:316): WARNING **: Invalid UTF8 string passed to pango_layout_set

** (glade-2.exe:316): CRITICAL **: file pango-layout.c: line 1769 (pango_layout_
get_cursor_pos): assertion `index >= 0 && index <= layout->length' failed

I dont know how to enable utf-8 support for libglade under windows
Any help?
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