Re: [gtkmm] libgal and C++

El Thursday 11 March 2004 15:43, Murray Cumming escribió:
> On Thu, 2004-03-11 at 10:08, Carlos Ble J. wrote:
> > Hi. I need to use some widgets from libgal like shorcutbar and im working
> > with C++ using gtkmm., but libgal is in C language, has anybody worked
> > with libgal and C++ ?
> 1. You can use C APIs and C++ APIs together:
> 2. There is no libgal wrapper that I know of, but it should be easy to
> do. Ask if you need help with that.
> What widgets do you actually need from libgal?

Thanks for the answer Murray. So my partner and me are thinking about
develop a libgal wrapper for C++, something like libgalmm2 ,based on libgal  
using gtkmm, glibmm and libglademm to include widgets in glade. We gonna 
start the project. Thanks for your help. We will notice to the mailing list 
about our progress.

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