Re: [gtkmm] getting mouse pointer position

--- Paul Davis <paul linuxaudiosystems com> wrote:
> >hi
> >when i put a label into a eventbox, i can get the
> >signal_button_press_event but when i connect that
> >signal to a button i cannnot get that signal. i
> need
> >to handle it because i need the mouse pointer
> >position.
> >does anyone can help me?
> myeventbox.add_events
> event boxes do not receive *any* events by default.
> --p

i used that code but it doesnt work with buttons, when
i add a label into an eventbox, and connect a callback
to the signal_button_press_event that function called,
but when i add a button instead, the callback function
dont called. Similarly when i connect the function
directly to the button without an eventbox , it dont
called. :(

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