Re: [gtkmm] Changes from 2.0 to 2.4? (My old cellrenderer doesn't workanymore)

> The fprintf in render_vfunc doesn't
> get called, so it appears that the method itself doesn't get called.
> However, Gtk::CellRendererText::render_vfunc is still there in the
> header file...

> Question 1: what happened?

Maybe the signature of that function has changed. Check the refererence
documentation or the header, and look at the customcellrenderer example.

> Question 2: is there a 2.0->2.4 migration guide?

There is a CHANGES file, and one in glibmm. Unfortunately the online links
to those files in CVS are broken because GNOME's lxr/bonsai system is not
yet online again. It should probably be a chapter in the gtkmm 2.4 book.

> Question 3: will there be a whole chapter on creating custom cell
> 	    renderers in the Gtk-- tutorial?  In my history with Gtk--,
> 	    everything has always been smooth except cell renderers:
> 	    appearently, some work is still needed in that field :(

That would be nice, but it won't be there until I or someone else gets
around to doing it.

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