Re: [gtkmm] GTKmm2.4 installation: requries

Daniel Sundberg wrote:


What sort of package are you trying to install? If you are installing from source you should download the source package of libsigc++ avalailable from If you are trying to install some rpm file you could usually find libsigc++ rpm:s where you find gtkmm rpms. However, third party rpm packages are not officially supported by gtkmm. Rpm packages should be supplied with the distribution.

Anyway, I am not 100% sure that you will be able to install latest gtkmm on rh7 or rh9. I think recent gtkmm and libsigc might depend on features not avalaible on the compilers used in such old distributions. You might consider upgrading to fedora core 1 or 2. Someone else might be able to tell you if it is possible to compile gtkmm-2.4 from source on gcc 2.9*...

As far as I'm aware, libsigc++ 2 requires g++ 3.2 to compile, so gtkmm 2.4 requires g++ 3.2 in order to satisfy its dependencies.

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