Re: [gtkmm] Segfault on spin button initialisation

On Tuesday 20 July 2004 16:28, pks timing com wrote:

> I believe you're right on the money with your assumption.
> gcc 2.95 and 3.2.1 warn about this, when the -Wall switch is set.
> I would assume 3.3.4 will do so as well.  I assume there's a
> more consersative warning switch than -Wall.

I think -Wreorder is the one.

> ... just one of those things where, twice in a life time, you might
> appreciate your level of control, and get bitten by it five your six times,
> before exercising it carefully :)

I definitely got bitten, took me forever to find it. Mitigated (I'd hope!) by 
the fact that kdbg doesn't seem to pass on nearly as much info as gdb has.

jrs65 __at__ cam . ac . uk

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