Re: [gtkmm] precompiled headers

Cristian Adam wrote:

I have tested the classic hello world program using the new gcc 3.4
precompiled headers and... it was 4 times faster! Precompiled headers
rule! :)

#ifdef USE_PCH     #include <bits/stdc++.h>
   #include <iostream>

I played around with this a while back, and as I understand it, only a single precompiled header can be included. Would it be possible to build a precompiled header for gtkmm as well?

It would be very interesting, because compile times are really a pain in the rear for me right now, and GCC definitely spends most of the time processing gtkmm headers. And yes, I do include _only_ the particular gtkmm headers I really need, the problem is that it folds out pretty quickly.

Christer Palm

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