[Fwd: [gtkmm] Submenu slots don't get called]

as no one including myself seems to have a clue yet, i'd like to provide some additional information:

One thing contributing to the problem is:
the source code for the popup context menu in the current
gtkmm - documentation appears to be missing (as well as in the corresponding example itself).

Debugging within gtk, i found:
top-level menu items call their slots somewhere via gtkmenushell.c, line 527 in gtk_menu_shell_button_release(), while events for submenu items seem to get lost a few lines above in the same method at line 497 with a call to
I couldn't make much sense of the more intricate stuff there, though.

(I'm using gtk+-2.4.1, btw)

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Subject: 	[gtkmm] Submenu slots don't get called
Date: 	Tue, 13 Jul 2004 20:55:29 +0200
From: 	patrick <patrick-oliver-schmidt gmx de>
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Hi all,

I'm having trouble with submenus in a popup menu.
The submenu gets filled and then attached to the parent item via MenuItem::set_submenu. After that, Gtk::Menu::accelerate is called with the main window as argument for the toplevel menu,
and the respective parent menus for the submenus.
Everything looks fine, except that not one message slot gets called for any of
the submenus, while the first level works.

What am I forgetting, any ideas?

Another, not so urgent but still as strange problem:
When the mouse hovers over a menu item with a submenu attached to it, the message slot gets called. Of course, I have to leave the message handler empty because of that, but I'd rather like to actually use the submenu item
like any other menu item, is that possible?

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