Re: [gtkmm] Signal wrappers

Murray Cumming пишет:
On Sun, 2004-07-11 at 11:48 +0400, Max Vasin wrote:

I'm now working wrapping gtkmozembed, the wrapper is mostly complete
(i.e. nearly all interfaces are wrapped - except internal).
Excellent. Well done.

Now I have one problem: gtkmozembed defines a signal as
void new_window(GtkMozEmbed** new_wc, ChromeFlags chrome_flags)
but I would like it to be (WebControl class wraps GtkMozEmbed)
WebControl* new_window(ChromeFlags chrome_flags)
What is the best way to accomplish the task?
It is not at all clear why or how you would want to do that. Also, are
you sure that it is a signal rather than just a vfunc? If you put code
online then I can be more helpful.
According to the gtkmozembed documentation it is a signal.  I've solved
the problem - I defined my own signal which provides the interface I want.

I hope in a week I will be able to put the code online - now my access to Internet is rather limited :-(
With best regards,
Max Vasin.

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