RE: [gtkmm] Can we combine efforts for C++ project skeleton creation?


I have this. Put it on your path before glade-- and select on glade C++ language.

This create (in brazilian portuguese - sorry) a simple make file, .h (general system header), .hh (user includes), .members (user members of the window class), .cc (window configurations) and .cpp (user callback programing).

 If you are interested, contact me.



Dear fellow hackers,
As the maintainer of glademm I had been developing a program which sets up a skeleton project (ready to compile) from a glade file. [Should we restrict the discussion to only one list e.g. to the gnomemm or glademm list?] Recent discussion with Murray (maintainer of [lib]g*mm ;-) ) lead to the thought that this should get delegated to a shared program. So if there's enough interest and we manage to define the program's behaviour, I step forward as a possible co-maintainer [no I would not do it alone, had enough of this stuff with glademm].
- C++, python and bash are all fine with me (and I would accept any other language as a non-maintainer)
-,, po, src etc. should get generated by default.
- since the myriad of imaginable options (check for libglademm, which gnome version to test for, intltool, gettext, libtool, ...) make a command line specification tedious I propose for an XML file for specifying additional options (which kills bash IIRC).
Any ideas on how it should work?
PS: The recent glademm behaviour is as follows:
- never overwrite any file (instead create e.g. configure.in_new)
- gettext, gnome etc. are tested according to glade's preferences
- generate an example main() [creating all toplevel widgets, waiting on the first, cleanup, exit] - generate a user class (.cc + .hh) and a UI class ( + _glade.hh) for each toplevel widget. This might include setting up and calling libglademm.
- simply try it ;-)

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