[gtkmm] Can we combine efforts for C++ project skeleton creation?

Dear fellow hackers,

As the maintainer of glademm I had been developing a program which sets up a skeleton project (ready to compile) from a glade file.

[Should we restrict the discussion to only one list e.g. to the gnomemm or glademm list?]

Recent discussion with Murray (maintainer of [lib]g*mm ;-) ) lead to the thought that this should get delegated to a shared program.

So if there's enough interest and we manage to define the program's behaviour, I step forward as a possible co-maintainer [no I would not do it alone, had enough of this stuff with glademm].

- C++, python and bash are all fine with me (and I would accept any other language as a non-maintainer)
- configure.in, Makefile.am, po, src etc. should get generated by default.
- since the myriad of imaginable options (check for libglademm, which gnome version to test for, intltool, gettext, libtool, ...) make a command line specification tedious I propose for an XML file for specifying additional options (which kills bash IIRC).

Any ideas on how it should work?


PS: The recent glademm behaviour is as follows:
- never overwrite any file (instead create e.g. configure.in_new)
- gettext, gnome etc. are tested according to glade's preferences
- generate an example main() [creating all toplevel widgets, waiting on the first, cleanup, exit] - generate a user class (.cc + .hh) and a UI class (_glade.cc + _glade.hh) for each toplevel widget. This might include setting up and calling libglademm.
- simply try it ;-)

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