[gtkmm] Re: [gtkmm] 答复: [other] Re: [gtkmm] Link problem using gtkmm with MSVC 7.1

At 05:17 PM 1/16/2004, Jonny Yu wrote:
Hi Cedric,

Thanks for your reply!
Thanks for your help, I'd like to try the project file, however I
couldn't find the MSVC_NET2003 directory in the installed files.

It's in the source tarball. Download it from http://www.gtkmm.org.


P.S. : Could you check please the text encoding you're using for sending messages to mailing lists ? The subject of this thread has been somewhat messed up , which is bad for the browsing/searching of the mailinglist archives. I suppose the mailing list engine is not unicode-compliant yet !

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