Re: [gtkmm] Link problem using gtkmm with MSVC 7.1


> >Where can I find the .lib format gtkmm lib file?
> >If not, can I build the .lib file from source or convert the .dll.a to
> >.lib format?

There is no binary distribution of gtkmm for MSVC 7.1 yet. You need to
compile the library itself (I can also send you the .lib files).

> I only support mingw32-gcc on my page but the projects files for MSVC 7.1
> are in the MSVC_NET2003 directory. Don't know if they are up to date and/or
> if somebody provides binaries.

They are uptodate for gtkmm 2.2. I don't found any time to look at 2.4
yet :-(

Frank Naumann

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