[gtkmm] simple window size question part 2

OK, let me clarify that a bit.  This code:

 mc_image_window.set_size_request(400, 400);
 mc_image_window.move(0, 0);
 int w=0, h=0;
 mc_image_window.get_size(w, h);
 cout << w<<", "<<h<<endl;

gets back 400x400, not the windows true maximised size.

what have i missed?


I want to get the size of a maximised window.  I do something like:

C_Mywindow mc_mywindow;     (inherits Gtk::Window)
mc_mywindow.move(0, 0);
int w, h;
mc_mywindow.get_size(w, h);
(or w=mc_mywindow.get_width(); etc)

but the size I get back is not it's maximised size.

if i put in a
mc_mywindow.set_size_request(400, 400);
before the maximize, i actually get back a size of 620x620.

what have i missed?


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